A message from the family

(originally posted to facebook 8th May)

During the last few days, our lives have been totally devastated following the news of Rich’s sudden death. Shattered though we are, however, we have been overwhelmed by the posts that have been uploaded onto social media. We knew that Rich had numerous qualities and had achieved a great deal in all aspects of his life – but we had no idea of the extent of the affection and respect in which he was held. He gave very little away and told us relatively little of life away from home.

He was immensely tough. Around ten years ago, a routine medical revealed a heart condition that he had been born with and, in late 2014, he underwent 2 major heart valve operations at Papworth within the space of three days. He was determined to get himself back to full fitness, which he did, and his recent performances in the Everest Marathon and, more recently, in Manchester are testimony to this. We are obviously proud of these achievements, but, of more significance, is our pride in the way he conducted himself.

In his humble and unassuming way, he cared for and encouraged other people and he would never let anyone down. Heartfelt thanks to all of you for making this so apparent. You have helped us so much at such an impossibly difficult time. He has died far too young, but he has made the most of such a ridiculously short life.

-Steve, Jane, Rachel & Anna

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