Thank you

Yesterday will live forever in our memories.

We had already been overwhelmed with the response of Rich’s colleagues and friends from Cheltenham, Southampton and beyond. But we were not prepared for the outpouring of love and gratitude that was shown for Rich at yesterday’s Cheltenham Parkrun.

There were so many tributes paid to Rich, whether it was simply sporting a cap, the kind gestures and words of the runners as they passed us, or the messages and photographs that have been sent since.

Particular thanks go out to:

  • Malc Smith and James Clay for their wonderful tributes at the beginning of the run
  • the cheerleader Kev, who set the tone
  • Laura, who looked after us so well before and throughout the run
  • Janine for her invaluable support
  • Prash for coping with our somewhat complex bar code requests
  • all the Cheltenham Parkrun volunteers for cheering us round, waving flags and generally showing their support, not to mention those behind the scenes
  • everyone who stayed and clapped us over the finish line and through the funnel when we finally reached it.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone.

Steve and Jane, Rachel and Anna

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